Photographer & Artist
As both a Photographer & Artist, I specialize in the nude female form. I am of course discrete and respectful to your wishes as a client. Services available in your home or at "private" studios. And prices vary depending on your wishes.
If instead you are a model looking to enter the adult arena I have a variety of packages available from full websights to simple portfolios, including trading your modeling for webmaster services. Otherwise I do believe even beginning Models deserve to be paid.
Occasionally I will consider other assignments such as pageants, weddings, or strangeness. Feel free to contact me with your requests, as I do try to keep an open mind. Simply it can't hurt to ask, but nothing illegal please.
(just a note on Wedding Photographs, such does require an extra Sketched Portrait, and I'm understandably not cheap)
I do travel depending on the assignment, but my services are normally available in Ohio & Nevada, and of course available by appointment only. Just drop me an e-mail.
Samples and Shoot Descriptions can be viewed on my Photoshoot Page, Adults Only Please
You can view more of my work throughout Frias E-Zine, Folkvangar, and the NudeAutoMall.

Sets on Frias E-zine include:
Tiger at School
Sculpting Sunshine
Blossom and a Train
Crystal Blue
Sets on Folkvangar include:
Sets on the NudeAutoMall include:
Sugar & Essex
Tiger & Dart
Tiger & Cutlas
Sunshine & Corvette
Sunshine & 280ZX
Sunshine & Camaro
Blossom & Austin
Print Magazines
The Witches Press
Caribbean Resort
Toys in the Toybox
Nikon FE2, Kiron 35-135, Bushnell 80-250, Nicor 50, Goldcrest Mini, Kako Auto 250S, Kodak DC 50, Kodak CX7300, various Cokin and special purpose filters.

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